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Montana Technological University is taking the campus network offline for an electrical maintenance issue. Because of this, all of MBMGs websites will be offline and unavailable from 8:00 a.m. on May 20th until 7:00 a.m. on May 26th, 2020. In addition, there will be no phone service to campus.

About our data
The following reports (some are pdf, some are html) describe some of the aspects of the GWIC data. Click to view.

  • GWIC Report Metadata (pdf) This report describes the various data types available from most online retrievals.
  • Searching GWIC Data Tips and tricks for searching the GWIC database online.
  • View a Typical Well Design Description of a typical well design. Contains graphics and text explanations.
  • ABCD Quarter Sections (text) Description of ABCD quarter section codes used in GWIC.
  • ABCD Quarter Sections (graphical) Graphic of how the ABCD quarter sections work.

  • Create an Account
    All users who want to browse online well data must first create a user name for the GWIC website. Click to create.

  • Online Account Create a new GWIC online user name. All online activity is free of charge.

  • Handouts
    Some of the common GWIC handouts available are also available for download here. Click to view.

  • Using GWIC on the Web (pdf) Offers an explanation of how to get started using the Ground-Water Information Center's website.
  • Water-Quality Constituents & their Significance (html)
  • Water-Quality Standards (html)

  • Support Tables
    GWIC uses codes in several of its data tables. Click to view code definitions.

  • Additional Parameter Codes (GWIC)
  • List of parameters for water quality or field chemistry data.
  • Geologic Aquifer Codes (GWIC)
  • List of currently available geologic codes.
  • Drainage Basin Codes (GWIC)
  • List of drainage basin codes.

    Click any of the tools listed below to use.

  • LatLong to TRS
  • Convert a Latitude-Longitude location to a Township-Range-Section location.

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