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Listed below are the currently available Additional Parameter Codes in GWIC.

Parameter Description
ACDFM Acidity Field (As Caco3)
ACDLM Acidity Tot(mg/L-Caco3)
ACDTM Acidity Tot(mg/L-Caco3)
AGBIU Silver Bio. (ug/L-Ag)
AGDIM Silver Diss (mg/L-Ag)
AGDIU Silver Diss(ug/L-Ag)
AGTOM Silver Tot (mg/L-Ag)
AGTOU Silver Tot (ug/L-Ag)
AGTRM Silver Tr (mg/L-Ag)
AGTRU Silver Tr (ug/L-Ag)
ALBIU Aluminum Bio. (ug/L-Al)
ALDIM Aluminum Diss (mg/L-Al)
ALDIU Aluminum Diss (ug/L-Al)
ALFAM Alum.Filt.Acid.H2O(mg/L)
ALFWM Alum.Filt. Water (mg/L)
ALKFM Alkalinity Fld (CaCO3)
ALLFM Alk F.Endpoint(Fld-mg/L)
ALPHA Alpha Gr Nat Tot(ug/L-U)
ALRAM Alum.Raw.Acid.H2O (mg/L)
ALRWM Alum. Raw Water (mg/L)
ALTOM Aluminum Tot(mg/L-Al)
ALTOU Aluminum Tot(ug/L-Al)
ALTRM Aluminum Tr (mg/L-Al)
ALTRU Aluminum TR (ug/L - AL)
ASBIU Arsenic Bio.(ug/L-As)
ASDIU Arsenic Diss(ug/L-As)
ASTOU Arsenic Tot (ug/L-As)
ASTRU Arsenic Tr (ug/L-As)
AUTOM Gold Total (mg/L-Au)
B BIU Boron Bio. (ug/L-B)
B DIM Boron Diss (ug/L-B)
B DIU Boron Diss (ug/L-B)
B TOM Boron Total (mg/L-B)
B TOU Boron Total Diss (ug/L-B)
B TRM Boron Tr (mg/L-B)
B TRU Boron Tr. (ug/L-B)
BABIU Barium Bio. (ug/L-Ba)
BADIM Barium Diss (mg/L-Ba)
BADIU Barium Diss (ug/L-Ba)
BATOM Barium Total(mg/L-Ba)
BATOU Barium Tot. (ug/L-Ba)
BATRM Barium Tr (mg/L-Ba)
BATRU Barium Tr (ug/L-Ba)
BBIOU Boron Bio. (ug/L-B)
BDISM Boron Diss (mg/L-B)
BDISU Boron Diss (ug/L-B)
BEBIU Beryll Bio. (ug/L-Be)
BEDIM Beryll Diss (mg/L-Be)
BEDIU Beryll Diss (ug/L-Be)
BETA1 Beta Gr Tot Pci/L-Cs137
BETA2 Beta Gr Tot Pci/L-Sr/Y90
BETOM Beryll Tot. (mg/L-Be)
BETOU Beryll Tot. (ug/L-Be)
BETRM Beryllium Tr(mg/L-Be)
BETRU Beryllium Tr(ug/L-Be)
BICFM Bicarbonate Field (Hco3)
BIDIM Bismuth Diss(mg/L-Bi)
BIDIU Bismuth Diss(ug/L-Bi)
BINTF Bottom Of Sample Int(Ft)
BITRM Bismuth Tr(mg/L-Bi)
BOD5M Bod 5-Day-20C(mg/L-O)
BRBIU Bromide Bio. (ug/L-Br)
BRDIM Bromide Diss(mg/L-Br)
BRDIU Bromide Diss (ug/L-Br)
BRTRM Bromide Tot.Rec(mg/L-Br)
BRTRU Bromide Tot.Rec(mg/L-Br)
BTORM Boron Tr(mg/L-B)
BTOTM Boron Total (mg/L-B)
BTOTU Boron Total (ug/L-B)
BTRCM Boron Tr (mg/L-B)
BTRCU Boron Tr (ug/L-B)
C3DIM Carbonate
CABIM Calcium Bio.(mg/L-Ca)
CADFM Calcium Diss Field (Ca)
CADIM Calcium Dis(mg/L-Ca)
CATOM Calcium Tot (mg/L-Ca)
CATRM Calcium Tr (mg/L-Ca)
CDBIU Cadmium Bio.(ug/L-Cd)
CDDIM Cadmium Diss(mg/L-Cd)
CDDIU Cadmium Diss(ug/L-Cd)
CDTOM Cadmium Tot (mg/L-Cd)
CDTOU Cadmium Tot (ug/L-Cd)
CDTRM Cadmium Tr (mg/L-Cd)
CDTRU Cadmium Tr (ug/L-Cd)
CFMFL Coli Tot Mf(Les-E)/100Ml
CFMFM Coli Fec Mf (M-Fc)/100Ml
CHLAM Chlorophyll A (mg/L)
CL2FM Chlorine Tot Field (Cl2)
CLDFM Chloride Field (Cl)
CLDIM Chlorine (mg/L-Cl)
CLFAM Chlorine Free Avbl(mg/L)
CLLTM Chloride (mg/L-Cl)
CLNAM Chloride (mg/L-Nacl)
CLRPC Color (Pt-Co Units)
CLTRM Chlorine Tot Resd.(mg/L)
CNDIM Cyanide Diss(mg/L-Cn)
CNDIU Cyanide Diss(ug/L-Cn)
CNTOM Cyanide Tot (mg/L-Cn)
CNTOU Cyanide Tot (ug/L-Cn)
CNTRU Cyanide Tr(ug/L-Cn)
CO2DM Carbon Dioxide(mg/L-Co2)
CO2FM Co2 Field (mg/L-Co2)
CO3CM Carbonate (mg/L-Co3)
CO3FM Carbonate Field (Co3)
COBIU Cobalt Bio (ug/L-Co)
CODHM Cod Hi Level (mg/L-O)
CODIM Cobalt Diss (mg/L-Co)
CODIU Cobalt Diss (ug/L-Co)
CODLM Cod Low Level(mg/L-O)
COTOM Cobalt Total(mg/L-Co)
COTOU Cobalt Total(ug/L-Co)
COTRM Cobalt Tr (mg/L-Co)
COTRU Cobalt Tr (ug/L-Co)
CRBIU Chromium Bio. (ug/L-Cr)
CRDIM Chromium Diss (mg/L-Cr)
CRDIU Chromium Diss (ug/L-Cr)
CRHDM Chromium Hex Total(mg/L)
CRHMU Chromium Hex Total(ug/L)
CRHXM Chromium Hex(mg/L-Cr)
CRHXU Chromium Hex(ug/L-Cr)
CRTOM Chromium Tot(mg/L-Cr)
CRTOU Chromium Tot(ug/L-Cr)
CRTRM Chromium Tr (mg/L-Cr)
CRTRU Chromium Tr (ug/L-Cr)
CSDIU Cesium Diss.(ug/L-Cs)
CTMFM Coli Tot Mf(Mendo)/100Ml
CTMPN Coli Tot Mpn Conf/1000Ml
CUBIU Copper Bio. (ug/L-Cu)
CUDIM Copper Diss (mg/L-Cu)
CUDIU Copper Diss (ug/L-Cu)
CUTOM Copper Total(mg/L-Cu)
CUTOU Copper Total(ug/L-Cu)
CUTRM Copper Tr (mg/L-Cu)
CUTRU Copper Tr (ug/L-Cu)
DOCAM Carbon Diss Org.(mg/L-C)
DSCAM Dissld Solids(Calc mg/L)
DSREM Diss Solids (rpt mg/L)
F DIM Fluoride Diss. (mg/L-F)
FDISM Fluoride Diss(mg/L-F)
FEALM Iron-Alum. Oxides (mg/L)
FEBIM Iron Bio (mg/L - Fe)
FEDFM Iron Diss Field (As Fe)
FEDFU Iron Ferrous Diss (ug/L)
FEDIM Iron Ferrous Diss (mg/L)
FEDIU Iron Diss (ug/L-Fe)
FEFAM Iron Filt.Acid.H2O(mg/L)
FEFEM Iron Ferrous(mg/L-Fe)
FEFEU Iron Ferrous(ug/L-Fe)
FEFWM Iron Filt. Water (mg/L)
FERAM Iron Raw Acid.H2O (mg/L)
FERWM Iron Raw Water (mg/L)
FETOM Iron Total (mg/L-Fe)
FETOU Iron Total (ug/L-Fe)
FETRM Iron Tr (mg/L-Fe)
FETRU Iron Tr (ug/L-Fe)
FPLBS Flow Pressure (Lbs)
FSTMF Fecal Strep Kf Mf/100Ml
GADIU Gallium Diss(ug/L-Ga)
GEDIU Germanium Diss (ug/L-Ge)
H+ESM H+ Estimated (mg/L)
H2SFM H2S Field(mg/L-H2S)
H2SLM H2S Lab (mg/L-H2S)
HCDIM Bicarb (mg/L-Hco3)
HCO3M Bicarb (mg/L-Hco3)
HGBIU Mercury Bio.(ug/L-Hg)
HGDIU Mercury Diss(ug/L-Hg)
HGTOU Mercury Tot (ug/L-Hg)
HGTRU Mercury Tr (ug/L-Hg)
HPLBF 1 St Head Pressure (Lbs)
HPLBS 2 Nd Head Pressure (Lbs)
HRDFM Hardness Field(As Caco3)
HY2/1 Hydrogen 2/1 Ratio (Per Mil)
I DIM Iodide Diss (mg/L-I)
I TRM Iodide Tr (mg/L-I)
I TRU Iodine (ug/L-I)
IDISM Iodide Diss (mg/L-I)
IDTRM Iodide Tot.Rec.(Mb/L-I)
IDTRU Iodide Tot.Rec.(ug/L-I)
K BIM Potassium Bio (mg/L-K)
K DIM Potassium Diss (mg/L-K)
K TOM Potassium Total (mg/L-K)
K TRM Potassium Tr(mg/L-K)
KBIOM Potassium Bio(mg/L-K)
KDISM Potassium Dis(mg/L-K)
KTORM Potassium Tr(mg/L-K)
KTOTM Potassium Tot(mg/L-K)
LIBIU Lithium Bio.(ug/L-Li)
LIDIM Lithium Diss(mg/L-Li)
LIDIU Lithium Diss(ug/L-Li)
LITOM Lithium Tot (mg/L-Li)
LITOU Lithium Tot (ug/L-Li)
LITRM Lithium Tr (mg/L-Li)
LITRU Lithium Tr (ug/L-Li)
MGBIM Magnesium Bio(mg/L - mg)
MGDFM Magnesium Field Calc(mg)
MGDIM Mag. Diss. (mg/L-mg)
MGTOM Mag. Tot (mg/L-mg)
MGTRM Mag. Tr (mg/L-mg)
MNBIM Manganese Bio (mg/L - Mn)
MNDFM Manganese Diss Field(Mn)
MNDIM Manganese Dis(mg/L - Mn)
MNDIU Manganese Diss (ug/L-Mn)
MNTOM Manganese Tot (mg/L-Mn)
MNTOU Manganese Tot (ug/L-Mn)
MNTRM Manganese Tr(mg/L-Mn)
MNTRU Manganese Tr(ug/L-Mn)
MOBIU Molybdenum Bio.(ug/L-Mo)
MODIM Molybdenum Diss(mg/L-Mo)
MODIU Molybdenum Diss(ug/L-Mo)
MOTOM Molybdenum Tot (mg/L-Mo)
MOTOU Molybdenum Tot (ug/L-Mo)
MOTRM Molybdenum Tr (mg/L-Mo)
MOTRU Molybdenum Tr (ug/L-Mo)
N&KCM Na + K Calculated (mg/L)
N+KCM Na + K Calculated (mg/L)
N+NDM Ntrite+Ntrate Dis mg/L-N
N3DIM Nitrate Diss (mg/L-N)
NA&KM Sodium+Potassium (mg/L)
NA+KM Sodium + Potassium (mg/L)
NABIM Sodium Bio. (mg/L-Na)
NADIM Sodium Diss.(mg/L-Na)
NATOM Sodium Tot (mg/L-Na)
NATRM Sodium Tr (mg/L-Na)
NDINM Nitrite Diss (mg/L-N)
NH3TM Ammonia Total(mg/L-N)
NIBIU Nickel Bio. (ug/L-Ni)
NIDIM Nickel Diss (mg/L-Ni)
NIDIU Nickel Diss (ug/L-Ni)
NITOM Nickel Tot (mg/L-Ni)
NITOU Nickel Tot (ug/L-Ni)
NITRM Nickel Tr (mg/L-Ni)
NITRU Nickel Tr (ug/L-Ni)
NKJTM Nitrogen Kjel To(mg/L-N)
NNDIM Nitrgn Ammonia D(mg/L-N)
NNH4M Nitrgn Ammon D(mg/L-Nh4)
NNNTM Nitrogen Tot (mg/L-N)
NNTOM Nitrogen Amm Tot(mg/L-N)
NO2DM Nitrite Diss(mg/L-No2)
NO2NM Nitrite Total(mg/L-N)
NO2TM Nitrite Tot(mg/L-No2)
NO3 Nitrate Diss (mg/L No3)
NO3DM Nitrate Dis(mg/L-No3)
NO3FM Nitrate Field (mg/L - N)
NO3TM Nitrate Tot.(mg/L-N)
NORGM Nitrogen Kjel Org (N)
NORTM Nitrogen Org Tot(mg/L-N)
NTOTM No3 & No2 Tot(mg/L-N)
O&GHM Oil&Grse Tot Hexn (mg/L)
O1816 Oxygen 18/16 Ratio (Per Mil)
O2DFM Oxygen Dis Field(mg/L-O)
O2DLM Oxygen Dis Lab(mg/L - O)
ODORT Odor (Thrsh No.Rm. Temp)
OHCAM Hydroxide (mg/L-Oh)
OPDIM O-Phosphate Diss(mg/L-P)
OPODM O-Phos. Diss (mg/L-PO4)
OPOTM O-Phos Tot. (mg/L-PO4)
OPTOM O-Phosphate Tot.(mg/L-P)
P DIM Phosphate Tot (As P)
PBBIU Lead Bio. (ug/L-Pb)
PBDIM Lead Diss (mg/L-Pb)
PBDIU Lead Diss(ug/L-Pb)
PBTOM Lead Total (mg/L-Pb)
PBTOU Lead Total (ug/L-Pb)
PBTRM Lead Tr (mg/L-Pb)
PBTRU Lead Tr (ug/L-Pb)
PHFSU Ph Field(Su)
PHLSU Ph Lab (Su)
PHNLM Phenols (mg/L)
PHNLU Phenols (ug/L)
PO4OM Ortho-Phos (mg/L-PO4)
PO4TM Phosphate TR (mg/L-PO4)
PODIM Phos. Tot. Dis(mg/L-PO4)
POPSV Population Served
POTDM Phosphate T Dis (mg/L - P)
POTRM Phosphorus Tr (mg/L-P)
PTOTM Phosphorus Total(mg/L-P)
PTTOM Platinum Tot(mg/L-Pt)
RBDIU Rubidium Diss. (ug/L-Rb)
RDFMV Redox Potential (Mv)
RE5DM Residue Diss 105C(mg/L)
RE5TM Residue Total 105C(mg/L)
RE8DM Residue Diss 180C(mg/L)
RES2C Resistivity At 68 F
RNDIP Radon (picocuries/L)
S4DIM Sulfate Diss (mg/L-So4)
SBBIU Antimony Bio(ug/L-Sb)
SBDIM Antimony Dis(mg/L-Sb)
SBDIU Antimony Dis(ug/L-Sb)
SBTOM Antimony Tot(mg/L-Sb)
SBTOU Antimony Tot(ug/L-Sb)
SBTRM Antimony Tr (mg/L-Sb)
SBTRU Antimony Tr (ug/L-Sb)
SCDFM Cnductvy Field Micromhos
SEBIU Selenium Bio(ug/L-Se)
SEDCM Sed.(-.062Mm) Silt(mg/L)
SEDCP Sed.(-.062Mm) Silt (0/0)
SEDIU Selenium Diss (ug/L-Se)
SEDSM Sed.(+.062Mm) Sand(mg/L)
SEDSP Sed. (+.062Mm) Sand(0/0)
SEDTM Sediment Total (mg/L)
SETOU Selenium Tot(ug/L-Se)
SETRU Selenium Tr (ug/L-Se)
SIBIM Silica Bio(mg/L-Si)
SIDFM Silica Diss Fld(mg/L-Si)
SIDIM Silica Dis(mg/L-Sio2)
SIPLB Shut-In-Pressure (Lbs)
SITFM Silica Tot Fld(mg/L-Si)
SITOM Silica Tot(mg/L-Sio2)
SITRM Silica Tr (mg/L-Sio2)
SNDIM Tin Diss (mg/L-Sn)
SNDIU Tin Diss (ug/L-Sn)
SNTOM Tin Tot. (mg/L-Sn)
SNTOU Tin Tot. (ug/L-Sn)
SNTRM Tin Tr (mg/L-Sn)
SNTRU Tin Tr (ug/L-Sn)
SO2TM Sulfite Total(mg/L-S)
SO4TM Sulfate (mg/L-So4)
SOSSM Solids Suspended (mg/L)
SOTFM Solids Tot. Filt. (mg/L)
SOVFM Solids Vol.Filt. (mg/L)
SP6GR Specific Gravity At 60 F
SRBIU Strontium Bio. (ug/L-Sr)
SRDIM Strontium Diss (mg/L-Sr)
SRDIU Strontium Diss (ug/L-Sr)
SRTOM Strontium Tot (mg/L-Sr)
SRTOU Strontium Tot (ug/L-Sr)
SRTRM Strontium Tr (mg/L-Sr)
SRTRU Strontium Tr (ug/L-Sr)
STLFM Sett Matter Fld(Ml/L/Hr)
STMTR Settlable Mattr(Ml/L/Hr)
STOTM Sulfide Total(mg/L-S)
T+LGM Tannin + Lignin (mg/L)
TDISP Tritium Di Pci/L
TIBIU Titanium Bio(ug/L-Ti)
TIDIM Titanium Dis(mg/L-Ti)
TIDIU Titanium Dis(ug/L-Ti)
TINTF Top Of Sample Intrvl(Ft)
TITOM Titanium Tot(mg/L-Ti)
TITOU Titanium Tot(ug/L-Ti)
TITRM Titanium Tr(mg/L-Ti)
TITRU Titanium Tr(ug/L-Ti)
TLDIU Thallium Diss. (ug/L-Tl)
TLTOU Thallium Total (ug/L-Tl)
TLTRU Thallium Tot. Rec. (ug/L-Tl)
TMPAC Temperature Air (C)
TMPAF Temperature Air (F)
TMPWC Temperature Water (C)
TMPWF Temperature Water (F)
TOCAM Carbon Tot Org.(mg/L-C)
TOHDM Tot.Hard.(mg/L-Caco3)
TPHCU Tot Pet Hyd-Carbons (ug/L)
TRBFJ Turbidity Field (Jtu)
TRBLJ Turbidity Lab (Ntu)
TSNCL Tds - Resist(mg/L-Nacl)
UDISU Uranium Dis.( ug/L-U)
V DIM Vanadium Diss (mg/L-V)
V DIU Vanadium Diss (ug/L-V)
VBIOU Vanadium Bio.(ug/L-V)
VDISM Vanadium Diss(mg/L-V)
VDISU Vanadium Diss(ug/L-V)
VTORM Vanadium Tr(mg/L-V)
VTOTM Vanadium Tot(mg/L-V)
VTOTU Vanadium Tot(ug/L-V)
VTRCM Vanadium Tr (mg/L-V)
VTRCU Vanadium Tr (ug/L-V)
ZNBIU Zinc Bio. (ug/L-Zn)
ZNDIM Zinc Diss (mg/L-Zn)
ZNDIU Zinc Diss (ug/L-Zn)
ZNTCM Zinc Total (mg/L-Zn)
ZNTOM Zinc Tot (mg/L-Zn)
ZNTOU Zinc Tot (ug/L-Zn)
ZNTRM Zinc Tr (mg/L-Zn)
ZNTRU Zinc Tr (ug/L-Zn)
ZRBIU Zirconium Bio(ug/L - Zr)
ZRDIM Zirconium Dis(mg/L - Zr)
ZRDIU Zirconium Dis(ug/L - Zr)
ZRTOM Zirconium Tot(mg/L - Zr)
ZRTOU Zirconium Tot(ug/L - Zr)
ZRTRM Zirconium Tr(mg/L-Zn)
ZRTRU Zirconium Tr(ug/L-Zr)

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