Ground-Water Information Center Isotope Tracer Report
Site Name: MARTINSDALE COLONY  Report Date: 12/13/2019

Location Information
Sample Id/Site Id: 1995R0459 / 148293 Sample Date: 5/1/1995 2:40:00 PM
Location (TRS): 08N 12E 06 CAAD Agency/Sampler: MBMG /
Latitude/Longitude: 46° 28' 52" N 110° 16' 20" W Field Number:
Datum: NAD83 Lab Date: 5/2/1995
Altitude: 4710 Lab/Analyst: MBMG / TSH
County/State: WHEATLAND / MT Sample Method/Handling: / 1000
Site Type: WELL Procedure Type: DISSOLVED
Geology: 110ALVM Total Depth (ft): 25
USGS 7.5' Quad: MARTINSDALE 7 1/2' SWL-MP (ft): NR
PWS Id: Depth Water Enters (ft): NR
Project: RADON

Radon (Rn222 - pC/L): 790.000 Argon (Ar39): NR
Carbon (C13): NR Silicon (Si32): NR
Carbon (C14): NR Chlorine (Cl36): NR
Tritium (H3 - TU): NR Lithium (Li6): NR
H3/He3 Ratio: NR Krypton (Kr85): NR
Deuterium (H2): NR Boron (B11) NR
Oxygen (O18): NR Strontium (Sr87) NR
Sulphur (S34): NR Chloro-fluorocarbon (CFC-11): NR
Iodine (I129): NR Chloro-fluorocarbon (CFC-12): NR
Nitrogen (N15): NR Chloro-fluorocarbon (CFC-113): NR
Nitrogen (N15 of Nitrate): NR Oxygen (O18 of Nitrate): NR
Sulphur (S34 of Sulfate): NR Oxygen (O18 of Sulfate): NR
Sample Condition:
Lab Remarks:
Explanation: pC/L = picocuries per Liter; TU = Tritium Units; NR = No Reading in GWIC
These data represent the contents of the GWIC databases at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology at the time and date of the retrieval. The information is considered unpublished and is subject to correction and review on a daily basis. The Bureau warrants the accurate transmission of the data to the original end user. Retransmission of the data to other users is discouraged and the Bureau claims no responsibility if the material is retransmitted.