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GWIC Data > Water Quality Report > Township: 24N Range: 06E Sec:

The following data were returned from the GWIC databases for the area you requested. For a more detailed description of the data view the GWIC Metadata report. If you notice data entry errors or have questions please let us know by sending us an Email at If you wish to view a one page report for a particular site, click the hyperlinked Gwic Id for that well. Scroll to the right of your screen to view all the data. All data displayed on the screen may not show up when printed.

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Sample Gwic Id Site Name Latitude Longitude Geomethod Datum Basin Twn Rng Sec Q Sec County Site Type Aquifer Depth (ft) Comp Date Agency Sample Date Field Number Water Temp Fld pH Fld SC Lab Lab pH Lab SC Ca (mg/l) Mg (mg/l) Na (mg/l) K (mg/l) Fe (mg/l) Mn (mg/l) SiO2 (mg/l) HCO3 (mg/l) CO3 (mg/l) SO4 (mg/l) Cl (mg/l) NO3-N (mg/l) F (mg/l) OPO4-P (mg/l) Ag (ug/l) Al (ug/l) As (ug/l) As(III) (ug/l) As(V) (ug/l) As(other) (ug/l) B (ug/l) Ba (ug/l) Be (ug/l) Br (ug/l) Cd (ug/l) Co (ug/l) Cr (ug/l) Cu (ug/l) Hg (ug/l) Li (ug/l) Mo (ug/l) Ni (ug/l) Pb (ug/l) Sb (ug/l) Se (ug/l) Sn (ug/l) Sr (ug/l) Ti (ug/l) Tl (ug/l) U (ug/l) V (ug/l) Zn (ug/l) Zr (ug/l) Ce (ug/l) Cs (ug/l) Ga (ug/l) La (ug/l) Nb (ug/l) Nd (ug/l) Pd (ug/l) Pr (ug/l) Rb (ug/l) Th (ug/l) W (ug/l) NO2-N (mg/l) NO3+NO2-N (mg/l) Kjeldahl-N (mg/l) Total N as N (mg/l) NH4 (mg/l) OH (mg/l) SO3 (mg/l) Acidity to 4.5 Acidity to 8.3 Dissolved Organic Carbon (mg/l) Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (mg/l) Total Organic Carbon (mg/l) Total Dissolved Solids (mg/l) Sum Dissolved Constituents (mg/l) Hardness (mg/l) Alkalinity (mg/l) SAR TSS Procedure
1976Q1602 2980 BUCK BRIDGE WELL ASS. * 4MI N CARTER MT. 47.8536 -110.9586 UNKNOWN NAD27 CE 24N 06E 10 BCBA CHOUTEAU WELL 110ALVM 27 MBMG 1/14/1977 10:30:00 AM 77SS155 9 8 1520 MBMG 8.12 1606 97.5 84. 149. 3.1 .02 .06 4.6 374. 0.0 500. 32. .6 .4 <50. <2. 120. <10. 10. <.3 50. <10. <50. <200. <2. 50. 1050. 120. 1055.8665 1245.63 589.2015 306.744 2.6709 DISSOLVED
1976Q1603 2981 FISHBAUGH FRED * WELL 5 47.800711 -110.970112 TRS-SEC NAD83 CE 24N 06E 28 DCCD CHOUTEAU WELL 217KOTN 1619 8/29/1959 MBMG 1/14/1977 11:30:00 AM 77SS156 12 7 3252 MBMG 7.51 3476 464. 154. 232. 34.8 3.8 .08 9.8 279. 0.0 1813. 134. .3 1.7 <50. <2. 180. <10. 20. <.3 530. 30. <50. <200. <2. 530. 8500. <10. 2985.4584 3127.02 1792.472 228.8277 2.3845 DISSOLVED

End of Report.
2 record(s) listed.

Explanation of Columns:
mg/L = milligrams per Liter; g/L = micrograms per Liter; ft = feet; NR = No Reading in GWIC
Qualifiers: A = Hydride atomic absorption; E = Estimated due to interference; H = Exceeded holding time; J = Detected above MDL but less than MRL; K = Na+K combined; N = Spiked sample recovery not within control limits; P = Preserved sample; S = Method of standard additions; U = Analyzed for but not detected above MDL; * = Duplicate analysis not within control limits;

The preceding materials represent the contents of the GWIC databases at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology at the time and date of the retrieval. The information is considered unpublished and is subject to correction and review on a daily basis. The Bureau warrants the accurate transmission of the data to the original end user at the time and date of the retrieval [7/10/2020 3:07:26 AM]. Retransmission of the data to other users is discouraged and the Bureau claims no responsibility if the material is retransmitted. There may be wells in the request area that are not recorded at the Information Center.

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